IQSA Membership for 2022 is open! Membership consists of six categories:

(1) Student, Contingent Faculty, Global South or Income Below $30,000 $35
(2) Assistant Professor, Junior or Retired Faculty $75
(3) Associate Professor or Midrange Faculty $100
(4) Full Professor, Senior Faculty or Professional Income $100,000+ $125
(5) Lifetime Member $2,000 (one time installment)
(6) Institutional Membership $400

Exceptions: Scholars from the global south and lower income countries unable to pay membership dues for that year have the option of contacting the executive director for a courtesy waiver.

To become a member, click HERE. Fill out the form and pay the membership fees. After completing the form, you will receive log in information; save that information to be able to log in and access member benefits at anytime. Create a profile for the member directory.

To renew or edit your membership, sign in to your member account, click the “Join IQSA” tab, and select “Edit your member profile” at the bottom of the page.

To stay informed, follow IQSA via, the weekly Blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Also join the IQSA discussion group by following the instructions below:

Join the IQSA Discussion Group

  1. Sign in to Google Groups. Learn how to join if you do not have a Google Account.
  2. In the box at the top, search for “International Qur’anic Studies Association Discussion Group”
  3. Once you have located the IQSA Group, click Join group or Apply to join group.

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP | $35, $75, $100, $125 USD
Renewal Policy: Annual
Special Benefits:
-Access to the membership directory
-Review of Qur’anic Research
-Professional development opportunities for graduate students and junior scholars, including volunteer, job postings, and employment networking
-Bilingual English-Arabic Journal of the International Qur’anic Studies Association (JIQSA)
-Eligibility for Andrew Rippin Best Paper Prize ($250 USD and potential publication in JIQSA)

Renewal Policy: One Time Installment (No Renewals required)
Special Benefits:
– Automatic access/subscription to all paid individual member benefits
– Free online & print subscription to JIQSA
– Discounts on Lockwood publications
– Official Public Recognition

Renewal Policy: Annual
Special Benefits:
– Annual access to IQSA’s online resources
– One free advertisement annually (program book, JIQSA, online or mailing list)
– One free registration for the IQSA Annual Meeting
-Official Public Recognition

Other member benefits will include:

  • Regular updates
  • A discounted registration/affiliate rate for the Annual Meeting held annually in November
  • Vote/governance
  • Special offers from publishers

If you encounter problems or have questions regarding IQSA membership, please  email

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  8. AOA. Happy to know about your work about Cross References of The Qur’an. Do any of your members have access to ” AlHidayah W AlIrf’an Fi Tafseer AlQur’an B AlQur’an”, by AlUstaz Muhammad Abu Zaid AlDamahuri, He was a Faculty of Alazhar, and s PIONEER of this field. He published his book in 1930 AD. I can provide a PDF copy of the same.

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